Street Style Trends to Try This Summer

Street Style Trends to Try This Summer

There are plenty of trends to try this summer, but if you are more into the street style and urban trends that have been popping up everywhere then you need to try these street style trends.

Pinafore Dress

Are you a big fan of denim? If so then the overall and dress combination in the form of a pinafore dress is for you. Wear your pinafore dress over a simple t-shirt for a casual daytime look that’s fashionable and comfortable.

Matching Sets

It is not always easy to commit to a print, but once you have found one that you love go for it in a matching set. There is a number of fun skirt and short sets available and if you are feeling a little more daring then go for a crop top.


Put the flip-flops away and get yourself a pair of espadrilles this summer. Espadrilles are stylish with an easy going look.

Go for flats that have a fun print like sweet polka dots or sporty stripes. If you want an edgier look try a leather pair.

Straw Boater Hat


The straw boater hat is perfect for those lazy days in the sun or a Sunday brunch. The straw boater is nautical inspired and is known for its stiff brim.

When the weather is warmer pair the straw boater with a lightweight cotton dress in a solid color or go for stripes for a nautical look.


Summer is usually the time of year where we see a number of brighter colors, but this year go for softer colors. Try blush or periwinkle for a fashionable and soft summer look.

There are a number of trends to try this summer that have taken inspiration from street style, so no matter what you try, you will look fashionable with that easy summer look.

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