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What is Urban Style?

What is Urban Style?

Urban clothing and fashion is a style of clothing that is associated with urban cultures, especially urban youth that are involved with rap music and hip-hop.


Urban clothing may differ from area to area and from country to country.

Urban style is often changed by younger people in urban areas that don’t need to wear professional clothing. If you are looking to see what urban style is and common urban style then you just need to take a look at the youth of large cities and see what they fashion they share.

It is true that urban clothing is influenced by music in the cities and is generally rap or hip hop, but any popular music in large urban cities will have an impact on the clothing styles in that area.

Common urban clothing items include sneakers, hoodies and t-shirts that feature slogans or popular designs.

Urban clothing is rarely formal, but there are aspects of this style that show off a fancier side. These things often include accessories and large jewelry.

Hats are a popular item and you will find them in an array of designs, but in most cases they are designed to go with specific outfits.

Pants for men in urban fashion are looser than they are for women, but the cut of urban pants has changed over time.

Shoes for women in urban fashion can vary from sneakers to heels.

The colors that are used in urban fashion generally reflect personal taste, but they are usually either very bright o black.

Urban clothing is about attitude and will reflect the personality of the individual based on what they like, their surroundings and the people they know.

Urban style can then be specific to an area, but urban style does share some characteristics across the board. The more you show your personality the better.

The changes in urban style can be just because of one person, but the deeper you look at the style the more types you will find.

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