Urban Fashion Tips for Men

Urban Fashion Tips for Men

As a fashionable urban man there are some essential items that you will need in your wardrobe.

Here are the basics that you will need to be a savvy urban guy.

Navy Blue Blazer

You will need to buy the best quality that you can afford. This is a wardrobe basic that will last for years. With a blazer you will need to get the fit and the tailoring right. The weight and the fabric will need to be seasonless or get you through at least three seasons. This is a great piece to have that you will be able to pair with many items.

A Watch

Men don’t usually wear a lot of jewelry, but every well-dressed urban guy will need a classy watch. You should invest some money here, as a good watch will last for years.


You should get chinos in black or khaki and the fit is important. Chinos should be kept neat, pressed and ready to wear.


Every well-dressed man needs a few great pair of jeans.

Plaid Shirts

You will need to have a few great shirts and plaid shirts can be very cool for urban guys.

Quilted Vest

You will love this item on a cool day and it is a classic piece that will stay in fashion.


A classic knit sweater that is plain in a fine wool fabric is a must for every guy.

Camel Hair Topcoat

camal hair topcoat

This piece is an investment that will be used year after year. You will look classy and timeless in this piece.

Hooded Sweatshirt

This is a must in every guy’s wardrobe.

Casual Footwear

You will need a good pair of loafers and a pair of work boots that will look great with jeans.

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